Submitted by Jochem on Dec 03, 2023 in announcement


On January 4th, 2024 SCA board member Jochem Willemsen presented a webinar on case study methodology for psychotherapy process research.

This webinar is part of the Society for Psychotherapy Research UK-EU webinar series 2024.

The recording of this webinar can be found on our Resources page.

Abstract: Case study research offers a unique approach to investigate what goes on in therapy and to develop an empirically-grounded understanding of causal processes that lead to therapeutic change. In that sense, case studies can produce insights and knowledge that are not offered by other types of research. After defining the core concept of change process, seven essential steps for conducting systematic case study research will be presented. Systematic case studies depend on rich, naturalistic data from different sources which are triangulated by a (team of) researcher(s), clinician(s) or student(s) in order to construct a reliable and comprehensive account of the therapeutic process and outcome. During the webinar, different approaches to quantitative and qualitative data collection will be discussed and illustrated with examples from case study projects the presenter was involved in. Some of the limitations of case study research will also be discussed, as well as the challenges in terms of data management and data overload.

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