Research methods training: Interdisciplinary use of the case study

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Research methods training: Interdisciplinary use of the case study

Members of SCA will be running a research methods training course on the topic of 'Thinking in cases: Interdisciplinary use of the case study method' at the University of Essex. Cambridge historian and philosopher of science John Forrester proposed a new reasoning style for the sciences: thinking in cases. As science proceeds by making particular observations, he argues, when and why are we allowed to derive absolute knowledge from these observations? If our intellectual capacity would allow it, we would always think in terms of particulars instead of generalities. In this short course, experienced clinician/researchers will teach you the principles and contemporary approaches to research on single cases. This course is aimed at research students who are interested in collecting rich and contextualized data rather than representative data: a case can be a patient, a group, an organisation, a movie, a literary product, an event in history, the researcher him- or herself, etc.

The course runs on Tuesday 24th of January 2017, as part of a three day course on psychoanalytic research methods (registering for separate days is possible)

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