Research methods course

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Research methods course

3 to 5 December 2018

Short Course on Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Research Methods 

Over three days, you will explore a range of methods to study the unconscious in the psychic and the social, the personal and the political. The course is delivered by experienced researchers who are at the forefront of the methodological developments in the field of psychosocial and psychoanalytic research. The first day focusses on the psychoanalytic case study as a unique epistemic genre and as a literary product. The second day is about the biographical-narrative interpretive method and the use of visual methodologies in psychosocial research. The third day is about the use of free association, transference, discourse and phantasy in psychosocial research. The three days share the assumption that the academic study of the unconscious contributes in a unique and valuable way to our understanding of personal and social phenomena. Together, these three days give a good overview of current innovations in the field of psychosocial and psychoanalytic studies. It is also possible to book each day as a stand-alone course. The course takes place in the Tavistock Clinic, London

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