Case of the Week (CW) - N°2 (Mindfulness therapy for obesity)

Submitted by Joke on Sep 27, 2017 in Case of the Week

Case of the Week (CW) -  N°2 (Mindfulness therapy for obesity)

Our second case of the week provides an insight into how sustainable weight loss can be achieved trough mindfulness therapy.

In the present case, a mindfulness-based program was very successfully implemented for the treatment of longstanding morbid obesity. The program helped the 30-year old patient who responded to negative emotions by eating, to reduce his weight from 140 to 77 kg. Besides being exceptionally successful, the case study visualizes the quality of change: the weekly weight loss was minimal but continuous, resulting in an almost ideal descending line over 5 years.

The remarkable consistency of “small steps” could have contributed to the stability of change that was achieved. The case is interesting for those who like to read something about change processes in psychotherapy as well as for those who are interested in mindfulness therapy for patients with obesity.


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