Case of the Week (CW) - N°1 (PTSD treatment with a deaf patient)

Submitted by Joke on Sep 21, 2017 in Case of the Week

Case of the Week (CW) -  N°1 (PTSD treatment with a deaf patient)

What? As the Archive is significantly growing, our team is occasionally faced with a case study that provides an interesting insight, introduces a new methodology or contains a unique reflection on psychotherapy. From now on, we will regularly share such remarkable cases with you in our ‘Case of the Week’ (CW) section.  We hope our case of the week might help to inspire psychotherapy research or daily clinical practice.

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Our first CW gives insights into a uniqe therapeutic constellation: a PTSD treatment of a deaf patient, with a sign interpreter present in the room. The therapist provides her reflections on being a part of such a constellation. The experiences of the interpeter, who was actively contributing to the reflective conversations after the sessions while staying in the background during the therapy, are presented as well. In addition, the reader receives unexpected insights into the deaf culture, e.g., the struggle for persevering privacy in a small deaf community. 

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