Call for transgender cases

Submitted by Greta on May 23, 2016 in Announcement

Call for transgender cases

Currently, the research team for the Single Case Archive is working hard on its expansion, which involves updating the archive with cases from most recent years. These cases expose not only new forms of therapy, but also elaborate on gender issues and gender perceptions within different societal contexts. In order to introduce transgender and transsexual cases into the system, a new non-binary gender criterion has been introduced to update the case submission process.

Transgender identity issues in psychoanalysis and psychology demonstrate the importance of gender identities and gender expression patterns and how we perceive them in others and ourselves. Issue of gender can only be studied and understood on a one-by-one basis. Clinical cases can help to study issues of stigmatization and discrimination in many transgender and gender-variant people, and make the discussion of gendered society possible. This discussion often alludes to harassment, feelings of not belonging, denial of basic human rights, and violence.

In light of this, the Single Case Archive would like to contribute towards furthering the discussion of gender issues. We announce a call for clinical cases that are relevant to the topic of gender issues: transgender, transsexual, androgynous, bigender, and other gender identities. We strongly encourage clinicians, researchers, and students alike to participate in the expansion of the archive, whether they are the authors of the cases themselves, or have found a case that is relevant to the topic. Please go to ‘Send us a case study’ page.

The SCA team also wishes to remind that case submissions relevant to other topics are also welcome at any time. A case submission can be made by clicking here.

For further inquiries, please contact through the website or mail: [email protected]

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