Another case study PhD

Submitted by Jochem on Dec 18, 2019 in announcement

Another case study PhD

Another PhD study based on systematic case studies has been completed successfully! Ellen Gunst, psychologist and psychotherapist at a Belgian facility for the treatment of sex offenders, got her degree of Doctor of Psychology. Her thesis entitled 'Facilitating emotional change in sex offenders: Lost cause or necessity?’ was supervised by SCA board member Mattias Desmet. The body of the PhD consists of four mixed-methods case studies in which sex offenders were followed throughout their treatment process. The focus of the research is on the contribution of Emotion-Focused Therapy in changing emotion and emotion regulation in this hard-to-reach population. Two case studies are now published and two more are on their way:

Gunst, E., Watson, J, Willemsen, J., Desmet, M., Loeys, T., & Vanhooren, S. (2019). A quest for self-soothing: A systematic case study into emotion-focused therapy with an emotionally avoidant client who committed sexual offenses. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1-12.

Gunst, E., Willemsen, J., Desmet, M., Vanhooren, S., Loeys, T. & Watson, J. C. (2019). Into the wild, out of the woods: A systematic case study on facilitating emotional change. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 63, 2586-2610.

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